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2ND is a B2B luxury clothing supplier that works closely with European luxury boutiques and has over 800 brands.
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We offer Womenswear, Menswear, Kidswear, Vintage, Fine Watches and Fine Jewellery.

With an efficient and cost-conscious supply chain, we ensure competitive prices with a wide range of fashion brands that appeal to our business customers all over the world.

Our service

What we do for our buyers

  • Update stock list and discount file every 3-7 days
  • Regularly update promotions and special offers
  • Orders placed on your behalf
  • Shipping service
  • Response within 24 hours to any queries you may have

B2B program

Collaborate with us in 4 simple steps

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  • We will update the stock list and discount every 3-7 days.

You will mail us with the item code/ID that you can find from the stock list

We will inform you which sizes are in stock.

We will reserve items for you until you are ready to place an order (orders must be closed within 10 days maximum).

When you are ready to close the order, we will send a list for you to approve. Once confirmed, you may proceed with payment for goods and shipping using PayPal, money request or bank transfer.

Once the payment is complete we will ship the order.

  • We will calculate the shipping costs based on your order details and we will arrange for delivery using our courier service.
  • Orders are shipped from our partner boutiques in Italy directly to our warehouses in Hong Kong. We can then ship your order directly to your customer or alternatively we can deliver to you (please make us aware which option you would prefer).
  • Please note that if you choose for us to ship directly to your customer, their details will be kept confidential and we will not contact them directly for any reason and will not hold onto their details or share them with any third parties.
  • All items will be shipped in plain packaging without any of our company information.


Don’t hesitate to reach out!

Our staff will keep you updated with your order details and current commercial terms and conditions. We will also contact you with any special deals or promotions that we have at a particular time.

Should you have any questions related to your order or any other queries, please get in contact with our team and we will be happy to help.